Join our Merch Team

Crazy About Fashion? 

We'd love to meet you.

Greek House is looking for passionate Greeks who want to make custom designs and products for their sororities and promote them nationwide.  


  • Must be part of your sorority's swap page
  • Must have a strong understanding of Fashion & Trends
  • Ability to promote products through social media and personal network


  •  Commission on every campaign
  •  Free item from the campaigns you create

If this sounds like something you'd love then fill out the form below!
Note: Merch Team members cannot receive commission for their own chapter if they hold a chapter officer position and make sales or influence sales to their own chapter.

Coming Soon!

Accepting Early Applications Now. 

You can apply to be part of the Merch team and we will be choosing a select few to launch the program with. We look forward to meeting you!